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Something Different For Halloween 2020

Have you been unsure about what to do for Halloween this year? Regardless of how you yourself feel about festivities, there will definitely be fewer trick-or-treaters out and about and fewer people handing out candy.  I have noticed some great ideas going around for what to do for Halloween this year and have included a [...]

#BIMAR Books Into Movies At Readgab Nov/Dec

Most people will tell you that the book was better than the movie.  But why? What made it so much better?  Regardless of the book being better than the movie, it doesn’t make us not want to watch the movie.  Just the opposite.  We love to see our favorite characters portrayed on the screen.  We [...]

#BIMAR Books Into Movies At Readgab – Halloween Edition

#BIMAR - #booksintomovies SCHEDULEMovies for Sept/Oct. We selected some movies adults will love. Some kids will prefer. And many that both adults and kids can enjoy. Be sure to check back for our upcoming schedules for #booksintomovies in Nov/Dec and beyond! In the descriptions I note what movies are available on Netflix, Disney+, or Prime. [...]

Is Reading a Hobby or a Chore?

Is Reading a Hobby or a Chore? When you sit down to read a book do you do so because you want to or because you have to? What about your kid (if you have one)? Or when you were a kid? Readgab began when I realized that adults get together for book clubs, but [...]

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